McCrometer Irrigation Solutions
McCrometer M0300

The M0300 Bolt-On Saddle Flowmeter features a fabricated stainless steel saddle with McCrometer’s unique drive and register design. The stainless steel saddle eliminates the fatigue-related breakage common to cast iron and aluminum saddles and provides unsurpassed corrosion protection. An additional advantage is being flexible enough to conform to out-of-true pipe.

  • • Designed to operate in real-world environments, these flowmeters can measure turbulent flows and fluids containing debris, suspended solids, and other contaminants accurately 
  • • 4-16” line sizes
  • • Long-lasting Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • • Straightening Vanes for Optimum Flow Profiles (Available)
  • • Corrosion-Resistant Impeller made of durable polymer materials, factory calibrated to retain accuracy
  • • Magnetic Coupling System isolates register and drive system from flow and allows unrestricted impeller movement
  • • Flexible Cable Drive
  • • Instantaneous Flow-rate Indicator and Totalizer
  • • Removable Top-Plate Assembly
  • • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Support
  • • Self-Cleaning Durable Design

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