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TechnoFlo Systems is located in the heart of Central California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley – known worldwide for its agriculture. From agriculture, comes the food we eat. TechnoFlo makes sure to carry the latest and most advanced flow measurement products available to ensure the most efficient technical solutions for the Mining / Industrial / Food & Beverage industries. 

Seametrics products are sold worldwide through authorized distributors like TechnoFlo Systems. TechnoFlo recommends and supplies products for many applications in the mining / industrial / food & beverage industries. Seametrics’ flow meters and mag meters deliver the versatility to meet the most challenging needs of the industrial / food & beverage industries in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.

The TechnoFlo flow meter sets the standard for performance, ease -of-use and Value. These meters use a long life water lubricated ceramic bearings, a stabilized pick up sensor and a graphical display based on Chip-On-Glass and FSTN technology, which gives a sharp, readable display that wont lose segments throughout its life. The TechnoFlo flow meter is excellent in harsh environments requiring minimal maintenance.

Pulsar Flow and Level Management is a worldwide leader in ultrasonic instrumentation for industrial and environmental markets. Develop, manufacture and market industrial flow and level monitoring instruments including ultrasonic level transmitters, flow meters and open channel flow meters. Customers include industry and municipalities. With years of steady growth, Pulsar products are sold and supported worldwide.

Mining / Industrial / Food & Beverage companies require the versatility delivered by products from McCrometer. With over 55 years of experience, McCrometer provides reliable and low maintenance flow meter solutions to meet this industry’s tough requirements.