Municipal Water Products

TechnoFlo Systems is centrally located in Porterville, CA. From this hub, it represents manufacturers of flow measurement products delivering a technical solution for Water and Industrial Fluids in Northern & Central California and Nevada.

TechnoFlo Systems specializes in Water Meters for Municipal Utilities representing a wide variety of Magnetic Meters, Propeller Meters, Insertion Meters, Ultra Sonic Meters, Differential Pressure meters and electronic reading systems.

Seametrics products are sold worldwide through authorized distributors like TechnoFlo Systems. TechnoFlo recommends and supplies products for many applications in the industrial and municipal markets, including cooling tower makeup, chemical pump pacing, in-situ mining, wastewater processing, potable water treatment, and well-head custody transfer.

The TechnoFlo flow meter sets the standard for performance, ease -of-use and Value. These meters use a long life water lubricated ceramic bearings, a stabilized pick up sensor and a graphical display based on Chip-On-Glass and FSTN technology, which gives a sharp, readable display that wont lose segments throughout its life. The TechnoFlo flow meter is excellent in harsh environments requiring minimal maintenance.

Pulsar Flow and Level Management is a worldwide leader in ultrasonic instrumentation for industrial and environmental markets. They develop, manufacture and market industrial flow and level monitoring instruments including ultrasonic level transmitters, flow meters and open channel flow meters. Pulsar's primary market is environmental - especially water and wastewater treatment systems. Customers include industry and municipalities.

The Water Specialties Propeller Meter is a high quality, classically-designed propeller flowmeter, ideal for clean water applications with long life water lubricated ceramic bearings and final form wet flow calibration.

The advanced Ultra Mag is a high accuracy electromagnetic meter, perfect for installations where low maintenance and long life are a must. They incorporate microprocessor technology to offer very low flows and broad range ability.

Water is one of the most carefully and widely monitored substances on the planet. So choosing the best flowmeter for a given application requires a high degree of diligence. With McCrometer's help, the task is less daunting. We have over 55 years' experience providing flow measurement solutions to the municipal and industrial water/wastewater industry.