Pulsar Irrigation Solutions
Pulsar TTFM

If you need to accurately measure the flow rate of clean irrigation water and chemicals from the outside of metal or plastic pipes, the TTFM 1.0 is ideal. Display, totalize and control flow with the clamp-on ultrasonic transducers. Use the built-in keypad and menu system for step-by-step setup in just a few minutes. The powerful digital signal processing ensures high accuracy in clean liquids. The flow rate, flow direction, totalizer and relay status are shown on the large, backlit LCD display. Use the isolated 4-20mA output to connect PLC’s or a SCADA system. Plug-and-play options include a data logger, DC power input and extra control relays.

  • • For Clean Water and chemicals 
  • • Wide Range of Pipe Sizes
  • • Measures and Totalizes Flow in Both Directions
  • • Isolated 4-20mA Output
  • • Pulse Output
  • • Optional Data Logger with USB Output
  • • Password Protected

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