Pulsar Irrigation Solutions
Pulsar PDFM

The PDFM is ideal for flow troubleshooting, balancing and checking permanent flow meters. Mount the PDFM 5.1 sensor on the outside of a pipe to transmit, display and totalize flow in gallons, liters or any other unit of measure. It takes just a few seconds to install and calibrate. It’s AC/DC powered with a built-in rechargeable battery. The standard sensor fits any pipe ID from ½” to 180” (12.5 mm to 4.5 m). It includes 4-20mA output, programmable totalizer, adjustable sensitivity and damping. The built-in 300,000 point data logger with PC software and USB output provides output for transfers to a computer.

  • • For Dirty Liquids
  • • Strap-on Sensor
  • • Battery Powered
  • • Built-in 5-Key Calibrator
  • • Programmable Totalizer
  • • Fast, Easy Operation
  • • 4-20mA Output
  • • Data Logger, USB Output and PC Software

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