Seametrics Industrial / Food & Beverage Solutions
Seametrics EX800

The EX800 Series of insertion electromagnetic flowmeters are designed for use with conductive liquids in 1 to 12” pipe. A choice of materials (stainless steel, brass, and PVC) allows the meter to adapt to a range of temperature, pressure, and corrosive environments. It is highly suitable for difficult applications with changing viscosities and pulsating flows, such as air-driven diaphragm pumps. With no moving parts, these meters can be used in “dirty” applications where debris would foul a mechanical meter. Designed for modularity and versatility, the EX800-Series has a current-sinking pulse output that can be combined with the appropriate transmitter or indicator for the application.

  • • No moving parts
  • • Economical
  • • Durable
  • • Easy to install
  • • Easy to maintain
  • • Conductive fluids
  • • Small pipe applications (1”-12”)
  • • Industrial processes
  • • Chemical metering pumps
  • • Fertigation

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